Privacy Policy

BitAlpha AI values user privacy. Please read our Privacy Policy before proceeding. If you do not agree with it, please stop using our services.

Note that we may make amendments to this policy without prior notice. It is your responsibility to visit this page from time to time. Your continued use of our Website constitutes your agreement with our policies.

BitAlpha AI collects personal information in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Note that in this statement, the following terms under applicable privacy rules are used:

Personally Identifiable Information

To access our services, we at BitAlpha AI require users to provide specific data during registration, including your names, phone number, address, and others. Note that the choice not to divulge some of these details may lock you out of the Website's core services.

We will not share any Personally Identifiable Information without your consent. However, we may disclose data when we have to comply with reasonable law enforcement requests.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information

We also collect Non-Personally Identifiable Data, which includes data that can track your online activity on the Website. Note that all generic information shall be kept separate from Personally Identifiable Information.

Data On Public Forums and Collected By Third-Party Sites

As we work with multiple partners, we might give you access to various social media channels, including bulletin boards, chat rooms, or other public forums. We have no control over data shared through third parties. Thus, it is the duty of the users to protect their data, and you have full responsibility for any infringements that occur due to interactions online.

We at BitAlpha AI, in our role as a Data Controller, process Personal Data for legitimate purposes only. Note that we do not allow minors on our site, thus, we do not collect data from children!

Data is collected to:

We use different modes to collect your information in order to improve your user experience and our web performance. This includes:

Note that we use Google Analytics to improve our website. We assure you that Google won't gain any access to your personal information for its own purposes.

We use different types of cookies to improve our services. Cookies are small files sent to your browser through the Website’s server.

We employ various types of cookies, such as functional cookies, session cookies, and third-party cookies, that enable our website to function properly and improve your user experience.

Although cookies cannot harm your device or impact your data safety, you can manage and even disable them. This, however, may interrupt your use of our Website. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.

We at BitAlpha AI do not keep your information. After opt-in, your data will be sent to a third party. This will be one of our brokerage partners/service providers that will contact you and help you start trading.

It is the service provider that may store your data on the basis of the agreement you enter into. If you decide to stop using their service, you should ask the service provider to disclose the information collected about you and delete it if needed. We advise you to familiarise yourself with the policies of any third parties you decide to engage with before proceeding.

Under the GDPR and other data regulations, you have certain rights. Please be aware that certain exceptions apply to the exercise of these rights, and you should contact your service provider for more information:

We take numerous technical measures to secure your data. All members of BitAlpha AI's team are bound to confidentiality and will never share personal information without user consent.

However, we are not liable for other third parties and their measures designed to keep your data safe. It is your responsibility to keep your sensitive information secure when surfing the Internet.

As required by law, we shall comply with reasonable requests from law enforcement investigations related to illegal activities. We always assess the legitimacy of such legal requests before disclosing any Personal Data.

Any actions taken in outright fraud on our platform shall exempt them from confidentiality protections. In ensuring security for all users, we may further monitor specific communication on our platform.

If you need more information about this Privacy Policy or have any questions about your rights and obligations, feel free to contact us.

A customer support representative will respond to you as soon as possible.