Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy has been created to inform you about how we collect, store and use the data you provide throughout your use of BitAlpha AI.


In this Privacy Policy, we aim to educate our users on the methods and practices implemented regarding the collection, protection, usage, and storage of personal user data. We also explain our users’ rights concerning the use of their Personal Data and applicable privacy laws.


In this Privacy Policy:

“Personal Data” refers to any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. An identifiable natural person can be identified directly or in combination with additional information such as ID numbers, names, locational data, and other identifiers such as demographics, physical, physiological, cultural, and economic attributes.

“Processing of Personal Data” refers to all applicable operations concerning collected user data, including its usage, storage, deletion, sharing, and protection.

A “Data Controller” is the legal body that determines what data will be collected and how it will be used. In this case, BitAlpha AI is the Data Controller.

A “Data Processor” is the entity that handles all user data as per the request of the Data Controller. A single Data Controller may cooperate with multiple Data Processors at once.

The GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation that outlines the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of Personal Data and the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC.

How BitAlpha AI Collects Personal Data

There are various ways that BitAlpha AI collects Personal Data from users who visit our website. This data collection allows us to enhance our user experience and continue to develop our services with our users’ best interests in mind.

Here are the methods we use to collect Personal Data:

Volunteered Data

You will voluntarily provide us with primary Personal Data when using some of our services, such as creating an account by completing the registration form. This will include your first and last name, email address, phone number, and the country in which you are based. By providing this information through our registration form, you are giving explicit consent to the collection and usage of your data.

Data from Communication

Similarly, when you get in touch with us by submitting a question, concern, or feedback through our contact form, you also consent to our collecting of the Personal Data you provide in this form. To enable us to respond to your query and effectively assist you, we need you to provide your name and contact information. We only collect and process Personal Data that is relevant to our operation.

Other Data Collection

As you navigate the BitAlpha AI website, we may collect other Personal Data from you, such as data related to your demographic and/or behaviour. This data collection, which occurs through cookie usage and other tools, allows us to make positive changes to our website and services.

How BitAlpha AI Legally Processes Personal Data

As previously mentioned, BitAlpha AI collects and processes Personal Data to help us analyse and improve our services. We adhere to all relevant privacy laws and ensure that our Personal Data collection methods and extent do not violate our users’ rights.

We process Personal Data on the following legal grounds:

Contractual: Some data needs to be collected to allow us to provide you with services such as account creation.

Consensual Collection: There may be other Personal Data that needs to be collected. In these cases, we will only proceed when you have given us explicit consent to do so.

Legal Compliance: Certain privacy-related laws, such as the GDPR, require us to collect specific user data.

Legitimate Interest: In this case, by proving we have a legitimate interest in doing so, we may override your privacy rights by collecting Personal Data.

As BitAlpha AI is not the direct Data Processor, we do not store data on our servers. Once a user has created an account, they consent to have their data supplied to the relevant Data Processor. This means that we will share your data with the broker we have assigned you to, and they will be responsible for processing your Personal Data.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding your rights related to data collection and processing, then we urge you to contact your assigned broker through their own available communication channels.

Why Personal Data Collection Is Necessary

Personal data collection is vital for us to improve your user experience and ensure our website functions correctly. However, we will only collect Personal Data that is necessary. Below is a list of the reasons why BitAlpha AI needs to collect and process your data.

Account Creation: You can only create an account on the BitAlpha AI website if you provide personal details. That is why, when completing the registration form, you consent to our collection and processing of Personal Data such as your name and contact details.

Communication: By contacting us via the Contact form, you give us permission to collect and process similar data, such as your full name, contact details, and location, to allow us to respond to your query.

Special Offers: Sometimes, we may have special and time-limited offers that we want to notify our users of. In this case, we would like to process your data so we can contact you if you have agreed to receive such offers.

Improvements: We have a legitimate interest in improving our website for the benefit of our users. This requires us to collect and process Personal Data necessary to update and enhance aspects of our website.

Which Cookies Does BitAlpha AI Use?

A cookie (a small text file) is installed on the device you use to visit or access a website such as BitAlpha AI. Cookies help us collect information about you and your behaviour to improve and customise your user experience and remember your preferences and settings.

Here are the main forms of cookies that are present on the BitAlpha AI website:

Essential: These are the most important form of cookies as they allow our website to function as intended. If you choose to disable these cookies, your experience and access to services will be drastically limited.

Google Analytics: We can use Google Analytics to analyse our website performance through our agreement with Google. These cookies play an important role in the improvement and evolution of our website.

Third-Party: This includes links to brokers that are assigned to users who create accounts on our website.

Retention of Personal Data

Although we do not retain user data on our servers, it is shared, with your consent, with the broker that you are assigned to. This broker is reasonable for handling, processing, protecting and deleting your Personal Data. We ensure that all the brokers we are affiliated with adhere to the GDPR and other relevant privacy laws.

However, we highly recommend that users familiarise themselves with the Privacy Policy of their assigned broker.

Protection of Personal Data

We implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure a proper level of security for Personal Data, taking into account the risks that are presented by processing, in particular from accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure of, or access to Personal Data transmitted, stored, or otherwise processed.

We cannot guarantee, nor do we maintain, that there will be error-free performance regarding the privacy of your Personal Data. We will not be liable for any indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages relating to the use or release of Personal Data about you, including, but not limited to, disclosure of Personal Data due to errors in transmission, unauthorised third-party access, or other causes beyond our reasonable control.

Due to legal or other obligations outside our control, we may be required to transfer Personal Data about you to third parties, such as public authorities. In such circumstances, We have limited control over the level of protection provided to the Personal Data about you by such third parties.

Any transfer of Personal Data via the internet cannot be fully secured. Therefore, the Company cannot ensure the protection of Personal Data about you when transferred via the internet to us.

User Rights Regarding Personal Data

Your rights are important to us. Please see the following fundamental rights that you, the user, have in relation to the GDPR and other relevant privacy laws:

Right to rectification: You can ask the Data Controller and/or Data Processor to amend your Personal Data if you believe it was recorded incorrectly.

Right to erasure: You can ask the Data Controller and/or Data Processor to delete some or all of your Personal Data. The Data Controller will inform any third parties with access to your data to delete it.

Right of restriction: You can request that the Data Controller is temporarily limited from accessing and processing your Personal Data in the case of a dispute or a similar instance.

Right to transfer: You can request that the Data Controller transfers your data to a third party as per the GDPR.

Right to access: You can request the Data Controller to grant you access to any Personal Data that has been collected regarding you and your activity.

Right to complain: You can file a formal complaint at any time if you feel that the processing, collection, or storage of your Personal Data violates relevant privacy laws applicable in your country.

Note: You also have the right to withdraw or refuse to give your consent to data collection, and you may contest Personal Data collection out of legitimate interest if you believe your privacy outweighs our proposed reasons for such data collection.

Other privacy laws and user rights may apply in various countries, so ensure to check with your local legislation.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding your privacy-related data rights.

Changes to This Policy

The content of this Privacy Policy is subject to changes and alterations at any time. BitAlpha AI may revise this Policy without informing our users in advance. All changes will take effect instantly after being published, and the users must review the latest version of this Policy. Your continued use of BitAlpha AI means you consent to our Privacy Policy and the changes made to it.

Please refer to the Contact Us page to submit a form for any questions, concerns, or feedback regarding this Privacy Policy or any other BitAlpha AI content, product, or service.